Friday, October 7, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 256

When I look at this picture, I like to imagine that little Cupcake is crying out "Rooooooad trip!" in excitement.While I have blogged about Margaret River (aaages ago!), I've only just gotten this far in my 365. On this Friday morning, we set off excitedly on our first holiday in just over a year. We don't take a lot of them, so it was a pretty big deal to be taking a break. The road trip was fun, and filled with the anticipation of getting down south and just relaxing. While Dog always chooses to spend his time in the car lying across the back seat, willing away his car-sickness, Cupcake likes to get in between us with his little paws on the glove box, looking out at everything up ahead. It's kind of adorable, and he can be pretty good company when he's not shrieking and yapping in our ears!

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