Friday, October 7, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 252

Welcome back to my 365! We're now in the month of July... hope you don't mind a bit of time traveling. In July, Hatti moved in with her friend Deanna (housemate match made in heaven!!!) This happy Sunday, she hosted a little house warming party and asked everyone to bring a plate. Oh, the food. The amazing food. There was so much to eat, and it was a lovely little gathering of some great ladies. I had a really great time, and the highlight for me was being told off by our friend Sara's little girl, Ella, because we were talking too loud over Strawberry Shortcake on TV. Nawwww. On the topic of Ella, it's amazing seeing your friends' kids growing up! I remember when Ella was a teeny tiny little newborn, and now she's a smart, chatty little girl. Just amazing.
Oh, and back to Hatti's new living arrangement - it's pretty great for the following reasons:
1. Deanna is cool!
2. Hatti is walking distance from the cafe strip in Vic Park. Brilliant!
3. Basically I don't need any more reasons to convince you. This is a winning arrangement!

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