Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shoes For Every Occasion!

Hi guys. Umm, I love shoes. I've been thinking lots about shoes lately - mostly which pretty pairs to layby next at Betts! Hahaha. But I've been broadening my scope and have discovered Style Tread, basically the greatest shoe resource in Australia (with FREE SHIPPING to boot)! We are broke, and I'm having to hide my debit card from myself this month... but look who's tempting me! I could definitely imagine all of these shoes getting me through those critical moments in life...

Mae Orange by Ko Fashion - for Summer nights spent at the outdoor cinema

Roxie Black by I Love Billy - for shooting an AK47 in the Cu Chi tunnels of Vietnam

Abeeba Yellow by Siren -  for reading the latest issue of Frankie in the park

Girgio Bright Multi by I Love Billy -  for dates to the hardware store

Darva Multi Glitter by Lipstik - for cocktails (mojitos, specifically) with your sisters

Larkan Peach by I Love Billy - for weekly oil painting classes

Mae Aqua by Ko Fashion -  for fun trips to the dog park with your fur-babies

Malaga Black by I Love Billy - for strolling through the Fremantle Markets on a Saturday

Malbi Fuchsia/Orange/Purple by Ko Fashion -  for coffee and window shopping at the mall

Sheena Ice by I Love Billy - for girls' night out at an Italian restaurant.

How great would life be if I had all of those shoes?!

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