Sunday, October 9, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 257

This is a car which we saw a lot of during our stay in Margaret River. We passed it every time we drove anywhere... just casually sitting at the side of the road. Eventually Chris realised that there was a 'for sale' sign displayed in the window, and he couldn't resist having a little perv! He has a thing for cars. He can name just about any type of car on the road - it's a weird talent that doesn't mesh with my non-car brain. He particularly enjoys old cars and quirky cars. Sometimes we'll be driving along and he'll murmur "Helloooo beautiful" - and he's not talking to me! He's spotted some old restored car, and spends the next little while drooling over it. Chris and I don't fit into every man/woman stereotype, but I will say that the man loves his cars the way I love my shoes!

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