Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Brain Is Fried!

I feel like I need to start this post by setting the record straight - yes, I was trying to look 48 in this picture. Definitely. I was poignantly drawing the contrast between the... uh... crazy young hair of my youth and the impending process of my aging. *OK but seriously do I actually look that old every time I close my eyes?!*

Anyway. My brain is fried, friends. This has been a giant couple of weeks! Work has been super busy, Chris and I have been nutting out the big decisions in life, and... I haven't been sick! Miracle! I have, however, started working weekends now and it's messing with my head like you wouldn't believe! To clarify, I don't mind working Saturdays and Sundays... it's not for the rest of my life, just a season, and I can deal with that just fine. The reason it's messing with me is that I can't get my head around what day of the week it is. Like right now, it's Sunday night but I legitimately thought it was Tuesday for like half the evening. I got the shock of my life to see that Postsecret had been updated. Ha!

Anyway, I just wanted to ramble and convey my confusion. But to avoid this blog post being a complete waste of time, here is a list:

1. I'm seriously jealous of girls with stick-thin legs. How delicate and great are super-skinny legs?
2. Clearing the air here: while I prefer not to cook with jar sauces and packet meals, I don't even slightly judge people who do. It's cheaper and easier and still tastes good. I just enjoy cooking and creating flavours, it makes me happy.
3. I wash my hair once a week. I know, I'm a beast.
4. I hate buying clothes/accessories that are black, so I avoid black things and tend towards colours. Yet at least once a week I get cranky over the fact that I don't own enough black stuff.
5. Moist is a word, people. Get over it ;)
6. I want to go out for cocktails.
7. Tomorrow I'm going to clean our extremely messy bedroom as a surprise, and Chris won't know until he gets home because he doesn't read my blog.
8. I honestly believe that I will never possess the ability to successfully keep goldfish long-term. Frick, they are so hard to keep alive.
9. Oh, but some people are so tiresomely tactless!
10. It's 11.30. It's time to stop rambling. It is.

If you are reading this blog, I love you. Thanks for checking in.

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