Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 249

Hmmm, Dog looks kinda like he's been super-imposed on this picture after my funky colour editing! So anyway, this is Dog. I know, you've met him before but he doesn't get featured on my blog anywhere near as often as Cupcake does! Dog's a little more camera-shy, and also a little less of an attention seeker - usually when Cupcake's doing the silly things that find me pulling out my iPhone camera, Dog's asleep on his usual spot on the couch, head hanging over the armrest like he's been knocked unconscious by Jackie Chan. I'd take photos of this, but we don't actually have a light-fitting in that room and it's just too dark to photograph anything! So anyway, Dog. I never pictured myself owning a blue heeler, but I love it! I love having him around because he is beautiful and gentle and loving, and he makes me feel incredibly safe when I'm home alone at night. Dog inhales his food and just the other night swallowed a chicken drumstick whole (for those not in-the-know, cooked bones are super dangerous, especially chicken drumsticks). When he wants a cuddle, he'll flop down right on top of us in a smother-hold. He goes into full attack-dog mode when faced with brooms, vacuum cleaners and hammers. He loves drinking water, and when it's dinner time he spins around in circles in sheer excitement. I love this guy to bits, and I'm loving learning his little quirks more and more each day.

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