Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 234

Welcome to Day 2 of the epic Bestie Weekend!!! We woke up, cooked the ugliest 'road kill' pancakes ever, cleaned up and hit the road pretty early on for a day of fun in Fremantle. We stopped for burgers at Missy Moos for lunch, which turned out to be one of the cutest, funnest little burger places I've ever eaten at! The walls are covered with colourful origami pigs and pictures that kids have drawn, and instead of table numbers they give you little toys. Ours was Kermit, and he reallyyyyy wanted my burger (as you can see!!) I think Kat considered fighting him for it, until her burger showed up. Whew! After burgers we did the very important coffee stop at Hush, and then hit up Woolworths for some mad-ass groceries. Aaaand then we took Hatti home. Which is when things got a little... weird.
 When I turned my back for one moment to pose it up...
 Kat fell asleep on the back of my car!
Hatti was having a crisis because she was completely locked out of her house...
 But luckily Kat squeezed in through a window and effectively broke in!
Hatti was soooo happy to see Kat, and Kat had never been happier to walk through a door after her earlier window scramble.
 After all, the gap in that window was only this big!!
Kat emerged the hero of the day...
...So I asked her for an autograph and a fan photo op! Win!

Then we drove off into the sunset to our lonely husbands.


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