Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally... What We Did In Margaret River!

Gah! I can't believe how behind I am here (as I have been consistently, lately...) I've finally decided to suck it up, do some late-ish night photo editing and let you know exactly what we got up to in Margaret River a couple of weeks ago...

We stayed at Silver Springs Cottages and I'd highly recommend it... This is the big cosy bed that greeted us as we walked in the door post-3 hour drive!

Mmmmm... relaxing spa bath...

Our baby kitchen! We cooked a couple of meals here but... no oven!
In terms of what we did and saw...

We admired beautiful chocolates at the chocolate factory (and ate more than our fair share of free samples, as you do).

 Chris chased me with an axe... (side note, I once had a dream that resembled this scenario... eeep!)

We found beef cheeks at Margaret River IGA... my (now former) favourite cut of beef. I had no idea it looked this awful...! My stomach churns just looking at it- now yours can too!

I stared at pretty cakes at Provedore... yeah, I basically bought chermoula seasoning and porcini mushroom salt just so that I could get close enough to the counter to photograph these ;)
Chris got a little bit perv-y with this black 'beauty' - which was for sale!

Cupcake got into the snuggling big-time.

We had our socks rocked off with beef & Guinness pies and beer-battered fries at Cowaramup Brewery (funky bar stool eh?)

And did I mention there was plenty of snuggling for this little opportunist? (Dog snuggled too, but stayed away from the camera..!)

We grabbed some pizza at Good Fellas... I went with the Indian pizza, and Chris went with the Mexican.

Did I mention the pretty chocolates at the Chocolate Factory? Hmmm!

We got to meet Chris's grandfather and step-grandmother's new little labradoodle puppy, a wildly adorable little thing called Layla!

And as we drove out of Margaret River for home, she waved us goodbye with a pretty rainbow.

It was quite a wonderful holiday, and we came back home with a MASSIVE bounty of gourmet foods and wines. Hahhhh. Bliss. It was also really fun being able to bring our boys with us on holiday... we got a massive kick out of watching them exploring and racing through the bushland which surrounded our cottage.

Soooo can we go back now?

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