Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 235

Ha. I love the 90s music video feel of this photo... I can totally see this shot in a moody Savage Garden video clip! So this is Chris and me on our first (and so far, only) monthly goal-setting date! It's a new thing we'll hopefully do each month, where we basically make sure to go out, bring our new To-Do List notebook with us, and set goals. We filled the page in minutes - with things like home improvement projects and cleaning goals, but also fun things. We want to try a Japanese buffet. We want to cook a stir-fry every week. We want to pick up our gym attendance. Big things, little things... our minds were full of the things we want to achieve. But writing things on a list, and setting out to achieve them are two very different experiences and this month has shown that we definitely need to work on our goal-achieving skills!!!
Oh, and the dinner date venue was Mash Brewery in Rockingham. It was... OK. The stuffed mushrooms we ordered as appetisers were definitely the delicious highlight of the meal, the beer-battered chips were yummyyy and my steak sandwich was pretty darn tasty too! But Chris's steak sucked socks. Hence the somewhat moody beer-swig in the photo above!

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