Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 227

We have this rockin' friend Steve. Everyone should have a friend like Steve - he's one of the funniest, most genuine guys we know! Steve fell head over heels for a sweet girl called Mel and when they got engaged recently, I sheepishly cried "I haven't even met her! This just won't do!" So a couple of Sundays ago we had Steve, Mel, Kat and Andrew around for a Mexican feast. Despite the check-out guy at Woolworths frowning at me and saying "Uh... if I was having people over for dinner to show off my new kitchen, I'd cook something more impressive than Mexican" it was an excellent and tasty plan! I slow-cooked the taco meat - something I've never done before, but now something that I must do almost every time I make tacos now or my husband might claim negligence. The whole night was a fun, relaxing time spent sitting around a table filled with food - what could possibly be a better way to spend a Sunday night? It was fantastic meeting Mel, she's beautiful - and she and Steve are super cute together! Oh, and Kat made the yummiest dessert for us - coconut icecream with lime juice-infused mango on top. Mmmmmmm!!!

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