Sunday, July 3, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 220

Hahaha. Oh I love my family. And I love this picture of them. This picture is actually a record of two very cool things from this particular Saturday - 1) Chris assembled our new table and chairs! Our first ever non-hand-me-down dining setting! And 2) I got to cook for my family, to show off the mad talents of our shiny new kitchen and also as a small thankyou to them for all their help throughout the renovating process. They took our dogs every single day during the tiling and construction phases, and my Mum cooked us at least 2 dinners each week. What would we have done without them!? On the menu was cheese and onion bread, parmesan and herb-crusted chicken pieces, potatoes colcannon, baked garlic prawns and broccolini, with kit-kat slice and a lemon tart with raspberry coulis for dessert. So the prawns were over-cooked and the broccolini was under-cooked, but the bread and the potatoes were mouth-watering! I really enjoyed the night, and the family must have too because they stayed till midnight! The only dampener for me was that I woke up at about 5am completely sick to my stomach and ended up staying in bed all day on Sunday. Not related to the food thankfully, but those over-cooked prawns now haunt me and trigger my gag reflex when I think about them...

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