Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 223

Behold, the greatest dip that has ever existed... my avocado dip! I say 'my' dip, but I actually wasn't the genius who came up with the recipe. But don't you reckon you get a sense of ownership over a dish when you learn it well enough to whip it up on the fly without needing a recipe? I do! Plus, all my friends refer to it as "your amazing guacamole" shortly before/after begging me to bring it to their next gathering/movie night/birthday party/weekend away. It's magical with Cheese Supreme Doritos. And because I'm sugar-sweet, I'm going to point you towards the recipe so you can discover it for yourself - Avocado Dip.
On this Wednesday, I was feeling flat-on-my-back sick. You may recall my mentioning that I was ill over the weekend following my family coming over for dinner, and that basically haunted me on and off for the next few days, Wednesday being the worst of it. I spent the day moving between my bed and the couch, and not eating. But the evening came and being a Wednesday night, it was a Paradox gathering - one which I had promised to provide a bowlful of dip for. So like a hero, I left my sick-bed long enough to mash avocados, finely chop onions and pick a lemon from our tree. Then I sent Chris on his merry way, dip in hand, and I settled back down onto the couch. And thus ended my day of illness - and the first sick day I've taken from work in a loooong while! (Excitingly, I woke up the next morning feeling mostly better!)

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