Sunday, July 3, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 219

My sweet friend Helen celebrated her 21st a couple of weeks ago. What a fun way to end a Friday! We grew up with Helen (and her older brother Sean) basically as if they were our own siblings. We had a lot of crazy fun times as kids. These days we don't see a lot of each other, but I always appreciate a catch-up. Helen's 21st was exactly the kind of party I love - relaxed, good food, good company, and wow... amazingggg cake!!! Haha. I loved listening to the speeches and hearing about all the amazing things that Helen has achieved, and is working towards. She's one of the most motivated people I know when it comes to fighting the good fight for a number of causes. Her Mum Jo's speech kind of made me feel like I should be doing a lot more for the world! It was really cool to be able to celebrate this mile-stone with Helen, alongside numerous other family friends who we've known for years.

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