Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 222

Smile! This was a fun night. Kat, Amy, Elyce and I decided to get together for coffee fun on the foreshore. I love hanging out with everyone at our Paradox gatherings, but it's also nice to take it down to just a handful of people for some good, honest sharing! Plus I got to know Elyce a bit better and found out she's in a band. I guess that makes her one of the coolest girls I know, instantly!!! Heh. Amy also scored major cool-points because she was slipping around the place on this funny little hardcore skateboard device like a boss. And Kat is cool because she used to be in a band too! Everyone is cool! After we'd downed our various hot beverages, I forced everyone into a little photo-snapping session which was more fun than you'd think! Haha.

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