Sunday, February 3, 2013

Healthy Girl 365, Day 32 - One month down!

Is it just me, or was January a blur? I find it crazy that we're already one twelfth of the way through the year...! January was a month of learning curves for me. Some of the highlights for me:
- I experiment with green smoothies
- I found some friends to walk with on a weekly basis
- I tracked my food intake
- I gave up coffee. Sniff!
- I lost my first kilo!
- I shared a recipe for yummy mushroom mini-pizzas
- Due to some pretty slow progress, I did a re-focus
- I shared a bit of my story (how I came to be so unhealthy)
- I talked about how my faith plays into this journey to better health
- I tried green tea!
Overall this month I have lost 2.4kg - almost all of which was in the last week after doing my re-focus. Also, since giving up coffee I have noticed some differences, the main one being that I now sleep all the way through the night most nights, which never ever happened before. Here are some little goals for February:
- More intentional exercise
- More weight loss
- More salad
- Give up soft drink
- Start a skin care regimen (cringe. This is something I have never done, and I'm going to be so old and wrinkly soon).

To the people who have been checking in each day so far, thank you! I hope that February can be a month of fresh ideas and inspiration for anyone who pops by. And as always, I would love any suggestions of things that I can blog about - 365 is a lot of days to fill up!!!!

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