Sunday, September 4, 2011


I'd like you to meet my Dad! I've said a word or two about him before, but I feel like it's time you got a closer look at the amazing man that I look up to as my father. Recently my family has been sorting through boxes and crates of things we've been holding onto for years, and through that I've been flooded with memories of my childhood and the things that made it so sweet. To celebrate Father's Day, tonight we're gathering around my parents' TV and watching old family videos. So to go along with this theme of going back and remembering, I figured I'd introduce you to my Dad through the eyes of a much younger version of me!

- My Dad used to entertain us for hours in the evenings with his stories of "When I was a little boy". We found it all so fascinating to learn about our Dad as a kid, the various animals that his family kept in their house, the way school used to be... everything. I remember us crowding around and begging him for more stories. It was so much fun!

- He built his own electrical contracting business from the ground up. His company cars were re-purposed ambulances (which I always thought was the coolest thing ever!) and as a teenager, I developed little crushes on various apprentices of his throughout the years!! He also hired me for my first ever job, to help him catch up with filing all of his invoices. I was the least committed employee ever... sorry Dad!

- When I was 10, I had a 'haunted house' themed birthday party. I don't remember much of that party, other than the spooky-themed treats that my Mum prepared... and the moment when my Dad, decked out in a full vampire costume (complete with fake blood drizzling down his face) surprised us all by jumping into the living room and chasing us around while we screamed! That ended up being one of my favourite birthday parties ever...

- My Dad knew everything - I was always gobsmacked by his knowledge, and the fact that he could answer every question that I threw at him. Whenever I asked how come he knew so much, his response was always "Because I'm a Daddy".

- How many Dads are ticklish? Mine is! It was always incredibly tempting to try and tickle Dad when he wasn't expecting it... of course, it tended to backfire because we were all ticklish too, and he was a lot stronger than all of us put together!

- My Dad has a super low voice, even moreso when he sings. Listening to old music in his car, he always sang along with the guy singing the bass part. (When Chris does this occasionally, it always reminds me of sitting in the car with Dad, listening to him sing).

- It was always incredibly special and exciting when Dad got home from work at the end of the day, especially when we were little.Just hearing the front door close at the other end of the house was one of the greatest moments every night.

These days, I still need and rely on my Dad for a lot of things. Even after I got married, I asked him to help me find a new car. He knows so much about things like cars, home maintenance and appliances, so I usually go straight to him for advice when something breaks down. I love him so much, and he loves me and my family. How blessed am I?? Happy Fathers Day Dad - you're amazing!!!!

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