Friday, September 14, 2012

Claim It Back!

Want to know something that I've always had a bee in my bonnet about? It bugs me how easy it is for my week days to revolve completely around my job. Don't get me wrong - I love my job! I work in an amazing office, with amazing people (including my husband... totally not biased at all), AND I happen to really enjoy crunching numbers all day - take that every maths teacher I ever had! Did you guys know I failed maths in year 12? I didn't even go to my TEE exam because I'd already failed the course. And now I work with numbers and spreadsheets all flippin' day. Life hey?
ANYWAY. I work for 8 hours a day - that's one third of my day, yes? (Maths, my friend). Then I spend roughly another third of my day sleeping, more or less. And that last third? That should be my time - but how easily it becomes focused on the day I've just had at work, or the day I'm about to have at work. How easy it is to get home from work and spend the night on the couch, recovering from a day at the office. How easy it is to wake up as late as possible in the morning, then rush to get ready for work. And suddenly, work isn't just taking that one-third of the day... it's consuming a whole other third of the day that should be mine! That's 8 hours that I'm not getting paid for, and I am all for claiming it back. And that can happen with the smallest things - getting up an hour early on a sunny morning and doing some laundry, reading something good with a hot beverage, going for a run, making pancakes from scratch, playing piano - these sound like lovely weekend activities, but why not enjoy them on week days too? And after work - what about doing some gardening and soaking up the last couple of hours of sunshine, going out for coffee with a friend after dinner, writing a story, making a special dessert, or doing some craft? Maybe it's just because it's Spring, but I'm feeling ultra-inspired lately!

One of my mini-goals for September is to get back into running, and yesterday was day 1... it was the first time in a very long time that I've gotten up well before I've needed to for work, and it was difficult but good! The air was cold and burned my lungs every time I inhaled, and I'm so unfit that I could only run in bursts, but it felt amazing. I got home, I made eggs for breakfast, I washed my hair, I checked my favourite blogs and THEN I started thinking about getting ready for work. By the time I walked into the office at 8.45, it didn't feel like I was just starting my day - it felt like I was hours into it. I felt good all day - imagine if every day were like that! (All these pics are from my run by the way... Kwinana is pretty in the mornings!)

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